Posted Jan. 4, 2005
The toughest 150 feet in mountain biking

Our pump track is short, slow and has tiny jumps, but it will break you.

Location: The Fix in Boulder, Colo.

Inspiration: Several fast Aussies -- Jared Graves, Miles Mead, Mick Hannah, Luke Stom -- told us they train on pump tracks. Mick killed it at Sea Otter 2004, and he said he did most of his training on a pump track.

Notion: A short track with berms and rollers spaced so you can pump from one to the next, without pedaling.

Recommendation: A pump track will improve your strength and skills. 1) Pumping works your entire body. Most riders run out of gas on their third lap. Never before has a total-body workout been so fun -- or easy! 2) Your timing over the rollers has to be perfect, and you really have to commit to the berms. If you don't rip on your first lap, you will on your 100th!

Prediction: This track is so tight, Team The Fix will be bored on the 2005 Sea Otter slalom course. Watch us in that first berm, checking out the view and sipping from our CamelBaks.


The Three Stooges -- Ben, Bill and Mike.
(760K Quicktime)

Me, Lee, pedal free.
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Speaking of technical and fun ...
... here's the new, small line at The Fix.

The Three Stooges again. Nyuk nyuk nyuk!
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Me, Lee.
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