Posted July 8, 2004
World-class traffic on A-Line

Yesterday afternoon I ran a few timed runs down A-Line. I got a little faster each try, but I kept getting balled up in traffic.

I was finally having a clean run when I reached a junction and a rider rolled in ahead of me. I recognized the colors of his bike and jersey as a guy I rode with a couple days ago. I held speed and yelled, "Neil, on your left!" He looked back, pedaled harder and cut me off. The adrenalin in me called out, "Come on dude, I'm doing a timed run!"

I figured I'd just pass him, but this guy railed with great speed and ease. Dang, I didn't realize Neil was this good. He hit some great lines, and I pedaled hard just to keep up. At the bottom he pulled off and said, "Sorry about that, mate. A guy was about to drop in, and I wanted to stay ahead."

I was like, yeah whatever, then I noticed the name on his frame: Nathan Rennie

Oops. I said, "I'm sorry Nathan. I thought you were someone else."

I guess you should watch who you're telling to get out of your way, especially at Whistler. Next week all the guns will be here: Lopes, Gracia and Peaty, to name a few.


Just for the record, my best time from 100 feet before A-Line starts to where A-Line hits the junction above the 4X course is 3:42. I'd like to get into the low 30s, but to go that fast I'll have to chase another superstar.

Update: I wound up rolling a 3:32.

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