Posted Oct. 20, 2004
Rufus Chowbuddy: humping specialist

And now an update on my sweet guy Rufus, the Labrador retriever who lost a leg to cancer three weeks ago.

Tough times: The first couple weeks were brutal. He could get around when he wanted to, but he never wanted to. All he did was lay on the couch, crying and trembling. Just brutal.

Good healing: The incision seemed to heal perfectly, and he got his stitches out after two weeks. He still had a ton of pain, though, and he licked his suture line non-stop.

Open wound: Somebody licked Rufus' incision line so much it opened back up and got infected. Rufus says he has no idea who could have done that. So he's on antibiotics, leaking pus and blood all over the house and wearing the cone when I can't watch him.

Man of action: Despite the blood and the plastic antenna, he's been rocking these past few days. Every day he becomes stronger, happier and more of a pistol. The other night he didn't want to come upstairs to sleep -- instead staying down on the couch -- but I heard him come up in the middle of the night. He peg-legged over, gave me a lick, laid down by the bed and let out a huge fart. Ahhh ... my little boy must have been feeling better.

King of All Puppies: Today was the best yet. He ran around like a maniac and even tried to hump Pharoah over at The Fix jumps. The balance wasn't perfect, but the intent was definitely there. It looks like my boy is back, and he's gonna be fine.

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