Posted Oct. 21, 2003
How to catch air on a jump

Beginning jumpers are always asking me how they can catch more/safer air off of jumps. Here are the most common problems:

Speed master. Can you only clear jumps with tons of speed? Can your buddies make the same jumps with half the speed? It sounds like you're sucking up the lips. Getting over the need to suck takes some determined effort, especially for old-school XC guys like me. It's time to pump those lips, baby!

OTB Express. Are you getting pitched over the bars? Chances are you're absorbing the jump with your arms but keeping your legs too stiff. When you stiff-leg a takeoff, the rear of the bike -- and your body -- get pushed upward. When you leave a lip, you gotta treat the front and rear the same.

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know how it goes, or if you have other questions. BTW, I assume no liability for your actions. Go forth and rip!

Watch Chris hit the main rhythm at Calabasas. You can use the Quicktime slider controls to study individual frames.


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